mInventory Overview

Retail businesses of all sizes face challenges when it comes to managing inventory, many of which are addressed with business accounting software programs like QuickBooks.  However, many of these programs offer a broad range of functions, and don’t typically do a good job with basic inventory management.  Additionally, many small businesses find that the complexity of these applications can be overwhelming.

mInventory is a simple and straightforward software system for managing inventory.  It offers the small business with a set of purchasing, sales and inventory management functions that can greatly simplify the complexities around establishing, tracking and reporting on your inventory levels.

The concept behind the program matches most inventory and purchase order processes.  You set up vendors from whom you purchase products and then create items in your inventory for each of these products.  When you make purchases against your vendors, the inventory items are updated automatically as you receive goods.  The program can produce purchase orders to streamline your purchasing, or allow you to simply enter receipts. As you sell products, inventory is depleted. You can set reorder levels and have the software automatically inform you of replenishment needs.

We offer a range of features in the program including:

Detailed Inventory Management

All your product info in one place including pictures, prices and categories. Easily filter, search and sort the data to find what you are looking for.

Cost Accounting

Support for multiple valuation methods.


Import your inventory items from a spreadsheet to get started quickly.

Builds and Assemblies

Automatically assemble finished products from raw materials, updating the inventory accordingly.

Vendor and Customer Management

Keep track of your vendors and customers while answering inquires quickly and professionally.

Complete Purchasing Support

Streamlined purchase processes including both manual and PO based purchasing.

Advanced Shipping Support

Sales and shipping management including invoicing and invoice management

Reporting including optional Custom Reporting Module

Inventory, purchasing and sales reports available. Use the filtering features to create customer reports of just the information you are focused on.