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mInventory Help – Assemblies

The Build Assemblies workflow is used to update inventory levels for items that you create in your business by combining other inventory items.  Note that you can only execute the Build Assemblies workflow on inventory items that have been assigned component items.  See the help topic on inventory items to review this process.

To acknowledge that you have built an assembly, select the item in the inventory list and press the “Acknowledge Assembly Build” button the Action Panel or right click on the item and select the same option.  You will be shown the screen below.

Enter the number of items that were built, specify the cost per item and update the inventory location in which the newly assembled items will be stored.  Then press the Save Button.

Since assemblies have component items, the process of building an assembly will not just impact the inventory counts on the assembly. It impacts the component items as well. In the case of the newly assembled item, the ‘Available’ inventory will be increased by the number of units built. For the components, their ‘Available’ counts will be reduced and ‘Allocated’ increased. The amount of this change will depend on the number of units of each component used on the assembly and the number of assemblies that are built.  At the bottom of the Acknowledge Build screen there is a tab called ‘Component Transfers’.  This is seen in the screen below.

The component transfers list shows the quantity and pull stocking location for each of the components on the assembly.  You should verify that the component items inventory location is correct before saving the record.  Note that only the Pull Location can be changed on this list.  The quantity and UOM is listed based on the values setup when the assembly item was created.

Editing an Existing Assembly Build

If you need to edit an existing assembly build, you can use the Inventory Items screen to do this. First, edit the inventory item. On the edit screen you will see a tab at the top of the called “Builds”. Clicking on this tab will show you all assembly builds that have been made to the item. Double click on the item you wish to edit, make the changes and press Save.

To delete an assembly build, select it and press the delete button below the list.