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mInventory Help – Manufacturing

The manufacturing workflow is used to update inventory levels for items that you create in your business.  These items are not purchased from a vendor but created in some manufacturing process.  In the case of manufacturing, the raw materials used in the construction of the items are not tracked as inventory items.  However, you should specify the total cost of the raw materials and any labor costs on the manufacturing screen.

If you would prefer to track raw materials, you should consider using the Custom Assemblies workflow.  This is described in a different help topic.

To manufacture an item, select the item in the inventory list and press the “Acknowledge Manufacturing” button on the Action Panel or right click on the item and select the option.  You will be shown the screen below:

Enter the number of units that you build and the cost per unit and press the Save button.  Make sure that you specify the location that the manufactured items will be stored in and update the UOM if the default is not appropriate.

Editing an Existing Manufacturing

If you need to edit an existing manufacturing, you can use the Inventory Items screen to do this. First, edit the inventory item. On the edit screen you will see a tab at the top of the called “Mfg”. Clicking on this tab will show you all manufacturing that have been made to the item. Double click on the item you wish to edit, make the changes and press Save.

To delete an manufacturing, select it and press the delete button below the list.