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mInventory – Reports

mInventory has a number of reports that will give you a great deal of information about your inventory and sales.  Additionally, many of these reports can be customized through sorting and filtering.  If you find that you additional reports or changes to our standard reports, you have the option of purchasing our Customer Reporting Feature.

List Reports

List reports produce a tabular based report that shows multiple records.

For each major function within mInventory, you have the ability to produce a list report of the data in the tables.  If you filter the list on the user interface and sort the data, this will be used when you run the reports.  The reports will list at the top of the page the filter that was in effect at the time the report was run. mInventory supports the following list reports

  • Inventory Items List
  • Purchase Order List
  • Transfers Orders List
  • Customer List
  • Sales List
  • Invoice List
  • Invoice Outstanding List

Order Form Reports

Order form reports are based on a single record and may or may not have tabular details if there are secondary information to be shown.  mInventory supports the following order form reports.

  • Transfer Order
  • Purchase Order
  • Purchase Order Detail
  • Sales Order
  • Sales Profit
  • Invoice
  • Payment Reminder

You should spend some time familiarizing yourself with each of the reports listed above and determine how they can be best incorporated into your business.  As mentioned before, if you need changes or additional report you can purchase our Custom Reporting Option.