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mPaceline version 3.2 adds some great new features. Highlighted in this release is the introduction of Class Structure for Power Zone and standard courses. Viewing the class structures before you take a workout will give you an idea of the intensity, layout and cadence and resistance objectives. This can be great for deciding if this particular class is right for your individual training needs.

Note that the features described below require that you have an mPaceline Pro Subscription.

Class Structures

The class structure is perfect if you are using Power Zone training. Knowing what your class looks like before you take it can be incredibly motivating. It also allows you to make sure that you are picking the class that is right for your particular training needs. You don’t want to pick a class that’s too difficult if training stress is high. Likewise, you don’t want to waste your time with a class that isn’t going to challenge you. The class structure is integrated in several areas within mPaceline.  These include:

mPaceline Schedule – When you search for a class to take, you will see a graph of the structure of the class. If the class is a power zone class, then you will see a power zone type structure. If it’s not, you will see a graph of the recommended cadence and resistance that are called out by the instructor.  Both of these show on the new Class Detail screen that’s available when you search the schedule.

For additional information on the schedule, see mPaceline Schedule.

The screens to the right show you how to access the schedule from the home page, perform a search for a particular class and then see the results.

Once the results are shown, you can tap on them to see the class overview which will contain the class structure.

If this class is right for you, tap the ‘+ Schedule’ button at the top of the page and the class will be added to your mPaceline Schedule.

A particularly useful feature of the mPaceline Schedule is the ability to bookmark the classes directly to the Bike or tread. This is very helpful when it comes time to take the class.  From the Bike or Tread – just tap on Class Schedule and then tap on Bookmarks. You will see all the classes that you have bookmarked from mPaceline.

Workout Detail Screen – for Power Zone classes, you can see the class structure shown on top of your power zone graph. This will allow you to see how well you conformed to the zones called out by the instructor.

When you view a completed Power Zone workout in mPaceline, you can toggle the display of class structure on and off.  To do this, tap the class structure button just below the power zone graph.

If you are sharing your power zone graph with others and which to have the power zone class structure show, its best to use the Sharing feature in mPaceline.  It’s easy to do this, just tap on the sharing icon at the top of the workout detail screen. Here you will see options to show or not show the class structure in the screen shot that you share.

Note that you can also see the Class Overview Screen from the workout detail screen. Tap on the class icon and you will be shown the details of the class.  This includes the class structure as well as the playlists for this class.

You can also access the Target Adherence screen from the workout detail. This screen is used to display the class structure for non-Power Zone workouts.  Here you can toggle on different graph options to see how you performed against the cadence and resistance call outs that the instructor made.  To open Target Adherence, tap on the target icon on the workout detail screen.

Finally, don’t forget to rotate your screen to landscape to get a better view of the graphs on the workout detail screen.

Live Class Structure – for Power Zone classes, you can see a live view of the class structure as you are taking a class. This is incredibly useful to help you stay in your zones as well as have an understanding of what’s coming up before the instructor cues the changes.

To begin a workout with live class structure, you go to the mPaceline Home screen and tap on the “New Workout” button at the top.  Once this screen is open, begin your workout on the Peloton Bike or Tread. You should see the name of the workout appear at the top of the “New Workout” screen and the countdown timer will start to show how many minutes before the class starts. Once started, mPaceline will automatically begin tracking the workout.

The New Workout screen will show you graphs of your workout as you progress. These graphs include your HR if you have a connected bluetooth HR monitor and your output. Below the graphs show you the current Power Zone and how many minutes remain. You will also see the next zone that will be cued by the instructor.  If you tap on the Class Structure icon, you will get a popup of the full structure and an indication of where you are currently in the class.

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