Community Challenges

In the next version of mPaceline I plan to release Community Challenges.  Access to these challenges will be an up-sell – thinking $3.99 per person and it’s a one time charge. I’m try to come up with additional ways to motivate community members and encourage riding.  The training has been quite successful and hoping that these challenges will do the same.

My plan is to allow designated individuals to create the challenges (“Challenge Owners”). I don’t think it makes sense to open them up to everyone as I’m afraid it would end up with a lot of clutter and may make it difficult for individuals to find challenges.  I’d work with the folks that run the instructor Facebook pages and allow them access to create.

Community Challenges would work as follows:

  1. An owner would create a challenge. Challenges can be time based or goal based. They have a defined start date and the end date is either a number days after it starts (time based) or the date that a team completes the challenge by reaching the goal. The owner decides how many riders are on a team.
  2. The owner would create teams.
  3. The owner would make the challenge “Active/Visible to Community” which makes it available.
  4. Those interested in a particular challenge would use the “find” feature and then join the challenge. They would then “join a team”.  Once the team limit is reached, nobody else can join that team. Owner can always add more teams if they are filling up.
  5. When the owner is ready to begin the challenge, they simply set the challenge to “Started”. The challenge actually starts on the start date entered when the challenge was created, but also has to be moved to “Started” status.
  6. Any rides that team members do between the start date and end date of the challenge are uploaded to the mPaceline Cloud and get associated to the challenge.
  7. Stats are updated and team positioning is set based on the stats.  Teams are sorted by achievement and you can see the contribution to the team for each rider.
  8. When a challenge is over, the Owner “Completes” it and it no longer gets stats from riders.

Note that challenges are not mutually exclusive to training.  Training is a structure set of classes that you take with others.  The Community Challenges can be run concurrent and the rides that you do as part of your training will count towards the challenge goals.

Please share your thoughts…

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