mPaceline FAQs

So, you have downloaded mPaceline from the App Store and you have installed it on your iPhone or iPad. Great and thank you.

We suggest that you perform the following steps next:

Go to Settings and tap on the “Peloton Account” option. Then enter your Peloton Username and Password and then tap on Verify. If you get an error, correct the account data and try again.

Now that your account is setup, tap on “Load Now” and mPaceline will connect to Peloton and download all of your ride history. This will take a minute or two so be patient and keep mPaceline the active App on your phone.

Review the options in Settings and make any preference changes that you like.

Go to Settings and tap on “Profile” at the top.  Update you name, gender and age and then enter your MHR. You should also review the Goals and Measurements sections.

Go to the Home page and review your ride stats. You should also experiment with the App and review ride details as well as take a look at the results section.

The mPaceline Cloud is used to store training data as well as the stats for the community. If you are not interested in either of these features, you can skip registering for a cloud account.

Please note that the mPaceline Cloud is separate from Peloton.

To register for an mPaceline Cloud Account, navigate to the Settings and then click on “mPaceline Cloud”. Enter an email address and then create a password. Then tap Register. If the credentials you entered pass, your cloud account will be created.  Next, re-enter you email and password and click “Log In”.  mPaceline will remember your account details and you won’t have to log in again.

After registering and logging in, you can choose to set the “Enable Community Sharing” option. This will upload your ride stats to the cloud after you conduct a ride. You can also elect to “Show Rider Details to Community” which will allow community members to see your details which include your FTP, age range and gender. Additionally they can see the total rides that you have completed.

If you do not “Enable Community Sharing”, you will not be able to see others in the community.

Yes and No.

mPaceline will automatically downloads rides from Peloton if you are actively tracking you workout real-time using our Apple Watch App or via a Bluetooth connected HR monitor to your iPhone.  In these cases, when you mark the ride complete on the watch or iPhone, mPaceline knows that you have completed a ride and will go and get updates for you.

If you are not tracking with mPaceline during the ride, then mPaceline has no way of knowing that you completed a ride and you must manually download every so often to get new Rides in the App.

The simplest way to do this is by using the download ride link on the Home Page.  Go to the Home Page and tap on the link in the upper left corner of the screen. You will be asked if you want to import rides from Peloton or Health Kit.  Select Peloton and a new download will start.

Important – please keep mPaceline as the active App on your iPhone or iPad and don’t switch away until the download has completed. If you do switch away, the download will timeout and rides will be incomplete.

Occasionally you may see that a ride didn’t download to mPaceline. In almost every case, this has to do with a blank ride in your Peloton history. This typically occurs when you start a ride but end it immediately (or within a minute or two). Peloton logs this as a valid ride. If you then start another ride and complete it, you’ll notice that this ride and the blank one have very similar start times. mPaceline gets confused by this and skips both rides.

To correct this situation, simply use the Peloton iPhone App or the Peloton Website to find and delete the blank ride. Once deleted, do a manual download in mPaceline and the ride you are missing will show up.

As of version 2.5 of mPaceline, FTP tests that you take will automatically be associated to your profile when you download the FTP Test Ride.

If for some reason this doesn’t happen, you can add it manually. To do this, go to Settings and then tap on “Profile”. Navigate to the Performance section and tap on FTP. At the top, tap on the plus button and then click on the yellow highlighted area. This should show you a list of tests that you have taken. Click on the one you want to add and then back out of the screens. Your new FTP test will now appear in the FTP section of the profile screen. Your zones will also be updated with the data from this test.

In most cases, error messages that occur when you are downloading new rides from Peloton are because of and invalid rider name or password.

If you have changed your username (“rider name”) or password with Peloton and didn’t update it in mPaceline, you will need to correct this.  Navigate to Settings and then tap on “Peloton Account”. Reenter your username and password and click verify. If this works, do a manual download and the error message should no longer appear.

If you see error messages other than the one described above, please contact support.

The calculation of calories burned on the Apple Watch tends to be significantly lower for most people than what Peloton estimates. We can’t change this as it’s internal to the Watch.

If you don’t like what Apple is reporting, you can choose to use the mPaceline calorie calculation on the Watch. To do this go to Setting and then Apple Watch in the mPaceline App. Then turn on the “Use mPaceline Calorie Formula”.

mPaceline’s calculation uses your gender, age, weight and HR in calculating calories burned. It’s important that you set these in your Profile page in the App. Go to help on the Apple Watch Settings to read more about our formula for calories burned.

You can also increase or decrease the sensitivity of our formula if you are still seeing a discrepancy with Peloton’s calculation. You do this on the Apple Watch settings page.

Nope, Sorry – iOS/iPhone only.

At this time we are not working on an Android version of mPaceline.

Note that mPaceline will run on an iPad.

The value of “Distance” saved to Health Kit could be zero depending on what method you are using to create the Health Kit workout.

If you are using our Apple Watch or a bluetooth connected HR monitor to the iPhone, then the Health Kit workout gets created before the download from Peloton occurs. Because of this, we don’t have distance and can’t save it.  A value of zero is written to Health Kit.

If you are using the “Option Paid Feature” to create Health Kit workouts when you download data from Peloton, then the correct value for distance is written to Health Kit.

We are working on a way to “Update” distance on a previously created workout, but there are some technical challenges to this since Apple doesn’t allow editing of workouts in Health Kit after they have been created.

The compare rides feature was introduced in version 2.0 of mPaceline. For those users using mPaceline prior to this version you may find that some of the rides you imported before upgrading to version 2.0 don’t allow you to compare. That’s because rides imported using version 2.0 and beyond download additional data to allow the compare to function. Rides prior to version 2.0 don’t have this additional data.

To fix this, you can force a full download of all of your rides. To do this, go to Setting and then Peloton Account.  Tap and hold your finger down on the “Load Now” button for about 3-5 seconds.  When you release it, you should be prompted to “reload ALL rides”.  Tap the reload button and your rides will be reloaded.  Note that if you have a large number of rides, this could take a minute or two. Be patient and let it finish. Don’t switch apps, keep mPaceline active.