Crowdsourcing Community Workouts


Ever wanted to learn about the structure of a workout before taking it? Are you interested in what others in the community have to say about a particular workout? This feature combines community recommendations and workout structure searching to mPaceline.

What is Community Crowdsourcing?

Community Crowdsourcing involves obtaining work, information, or opinions from a large group of people via some form of social media. It is a sourcing model in which you can obtain services or ideas from a large, relatively open and often rapidly-evolving group of individuals (i.e. the community).

Crowdsourcing of Community Workouts is best when a large number of people in the community share.  If you participate in a workout that stretched you or you simply enjoyed it, make a recommendation and share it with others. There are 2 key benefits that come from this.

  1. Recommendations – Others can review your recommendation and may take the workout based on your advice and comments.
  2. Class Structure – When you recommend a workout, data from your workout is shared. This includes your Training Stress Score and the amount of time that you spent in each Power Zone. This data can be used by others to locate workouts with specific stress and time in zones values. In this situation, the “searcher” may not be looking for your comments, but a particular class structure.

Making A Recommendation

Making a recommendation is quick and easy.

Go to the workout detail screen and tap on the new Community Sharing button that floats on the screen.  You will see this button floating in the bottom left corner of your display. This button stays in view as you scroll the screen as a reminder to make a recommendation.

Once you have tapped on the sharing icon, you will see a screen from which you can make a recommendation.

You only need to provide two things on this screen.  The first is a rating – tap on the stars at the top to indicate your rating from 1 star to 5 stars.  Second, you have the option of entering comments to share more details about your recommendation.

When you have rated and commented on the workout, tap the Submit Button at the bottom.

Note that the following is shared with other members in the community when you make a recommendation:

  1. Your personal rider name and icon
  2. Your rating and comments
  3. Your training stress score
  4. Your time spent in each power zone

Your Accountability Partner Recommendations

The first use case for workout recommendations is to simply view the recommendations made by one or more of your Accountability Partners.  The Accountability Partners feature was added in the previous version of mPaceline and allows you to communicate with individuals that you follow.  To see more about mPaceline’s Accountability Partners, go to our “Accountability Partners Help“.

Partner Recommendations

To review workout recommendations made by your accountability partners, do the following:

Go to the Community Section of mPaceline. Tap community at the bottom.

Next, tap on the Parter that you wish to view recommendations for.

Then, tap on the link called “Partner Recommendations” at the top.

Finally, you will be shown a screen of your partners recommendations. These recommendations will be sorted by date recommended with the most recent recommendations at the top of the screen. You can swipe to see more.

If you wish to view details for a recommendation, tap on it. Assuming that you are following this partner on Peloton or the Partners Peloton workout history is “public”, you will be able to see their workout graph and other data.

Deleting Recommendations – mPaceline allows you to delete a recommendation if you are the original creator. To delete a recommendation, set yourself up as an accountability partner and review your own recommendations. You can then swipe a recommendation row to the left and pick the delete options.

Searching for a Recommendation

Searching is the best part of this feature. This allows you to search the set of recommendations and look for workout that meet specific effort criteria.  The more recommendations that the community makes, the more powerful this feature becomes. This is the true value of our Crowdsourcing and why it’s important to be a contributor.

Let’s discuss some use cases for searching….

  1. You’ve had a hard workout week and probably should take it easy so you are looking for a workout that has a Stress Score of less than 30 and spends the majority of the time in lower power zones. 
  2. You’re back from vacation and looking to get your advanced training metrics back in form.  You need a workout that is going to challenge you and increase your Fitness.  Let’s look for workouts that have a Training Stress Score above 70.
  3. Wilpers is your go to instructor and you are looking for a 5 star recommendation.
  4. You want an “Endurance” workout that has spends most of the class in zone 2 and 3.

Searching is easy in mPaceline. Go to the community section and complete the fields at the top of the screen.  If you enter multiple fields, they are added together to get the results. So if you enter a training stress score between 45 and 90 and enter “Morton” in the instructor box, you will get only Denis’ classes that have the stress score you are looking for.

When you tap on the “Search” button, the results of your search will be shown. These are sorted higher to lower based on the values you entered in the training stress and time in zones.  So the higher stress scores will be at the top.

Multiple Recommendations – If your search results in workouts that have been recommended multiple times – you will see the most recent recommendation in the list. You can see how many recommendations have been made and if there are more than one, you can swipe the row to the left and pick the “View All” option.

Tapping on a recommendation will show you the recommenders details.