mPaceline Release Notes

All New Peak Power Graphs

We’ve been moving quickly lately with lots of great features hitting the App. This release is focused on helping you make sure that you continue to improve. We have a new set of graphs designed to demonstrate your results. These include:

  • All new “Instructor Cues” screen that can outline how you did against the instructors call outs for Cadence and Resistance. See your actual performance between the call out ranges. Note that this is not available on all workouts.
  • Compare a workout’s peak performance against your best ever on the all new Power Targets graph. You can also compare your performances over different time periods (1 week, 4 week, etc.) to your best ever. Great for trending performance improvements.
  • All new Power Curve that compares a workout’s peak performance over a number of duration intervals (1s, 5s, 30s, etc). Compare this to your best ever performances for each duration as well as to your FTP. You can also view this over time to see strengths and opportunities for improvement.

We’ve added some training on this section. It can be complicated, but hopefully this will help you.  See below:

Peak Power Usage Guide

Accountability Partners

Add and communicate with Accountability Partners. Keep an eye on each other’s training and offer motivational messages.

Community Challenges

Create and participate in Community Challenges. Compete on teams to achieve the challenge objective.

Group & Community Training

Participate in Group and Community Training. You can now create your own training plans and share with the community.

Live Power Zone Graphing

Are you looking for the Perfect Graph. Well, this upgrade brings live power zone graphing to your ride. Note that you need to be using the mPaceline iPhone App during your ride and you will need a Bluetooth HR Monitor connected to the App.  See help for instructions on using this feature.

A Few Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the Auto-Download bug introduced in the last version..

Subscription Model Change

Change purchase model to subscription based for new mPaceline users. Now when you purchase, you get all features and no longer have to pay for the extras. Existing mPaceline owner are not impact as they can continue under their one-time purchase with optional features.

A Few Bug Fixes

  • mPaceline will now remembers settings on the Performance Results View.
  • Fixed daylight savings bug in the Advanced Training Metrics.
  • Fixed pace and incline bug for non-Peloton cycling workouts.

Get ready for a feature packed release. Version 2.8 adds the following:

  • mPaceline is no longer a cycling only App. It has full support for cycling, running, walking and cross-fit/circuit training. Each of these workout types can be imported from the Health App. You can also start workouts for these types from the mPaceline Apple Watch App.
  • mPaceline now calculate your TSS using Heart Rate data if power data is not available. This allows your running and other workout type to count towards your advanced training metrics.
  • Tread workouts added as an optional feature. Purchase this option and have all your Tread workouts in mPaceline. All the results graphs have been updated to account for the Tread and other running workouts.
  • New “Performance” Results report that allows you to dig into your training progress. View your Personal Records over custom time frames. Create custom “Training Seasons” and view your progress.
  • New “Streaks” Results report that allows you to view your workouts on a calendar and see your monthly streaks. View by workout count, distance, calories, TSS, etc.


And we fixed a few bugs:

  • Health Kit bug where only one workout gets added to Health if they are back to back.
  • Ride comparison bug that was allowing comparison of rides that were not of the same type.
  • Watch App performance bug – flashing startup screen fixed.
  • Improved Peloton download – mPaceline no longer gets confused on “blank” Peloton workouts. These will be skipped.

Staying hydrated every day is important, especially when you’re are working out. This version adds the ability for you to set goals and track your water intake. mPaceline will send you notifications during the day to remind you to drink to help you track you daily, weekly and monthly consumption. See “Optional Features” in Settings – this is an additional charge.

Added an additional plot to the output graph. You can now visualize your average watts over the duration of the ride. See Ride Details and then Output Graph.

A couple bug fixes and stability improvements.

Version 2.6 brings some great enhancements to mPaceline. These include:

  • Added Apple Watch Series 4 Complications including incorporating goals on the Watch.  Go to Settings and then Profile and setup your goals.  Then pick the goal that you would like to appear on the watch. Please note that goals are only available for Watch Series 4.
  • Added option to Ignore an FTP test
  • Added links to mPaceline FAQs and Release notes to the Settings screen
  • Added option to allow duplicates when syncing rides to Apple Health – Note that mPaceline won’t create a duplicate if the original was created by mPaceline. This is meant to be used by those individuals that track Peloton Rides using a third party Watch App, but still want mPaceline to create a Health Kit Workout.
  • Changed the way that “wheel” selection of fields work in the app. No longer does it automatically pick an option when the wheel stops. You can swipe multiple times and then press close when you are finished.
  • Added Landscape view you track rides using mPaceline. Rotate your iPhone to see the new view.
  • mPaceline now recognizes when a Peloton Ride has started and will automatically start recording the ride on the “Let’s ride” screen. mPaceline will also end the ride when the Peloton Ride is complete.

Version 2.6 includes an Option Feature which you can purchase.  See ‘Settings-Optional Features’ for more information:

  • Advanced Training Metrics – Adding this feature will allow you to track your Fitness, Fatigue and Form. You will be able to visual and chart these metrics for the past year.  Your current training metrics will appear on the Home Screen and you can view history by going to the Results Section of mPaceline.  This feature is a $5.99 upgrade.

We also cleaned up a few bugs:

  • Fixed the Crash Bug on the Ride Comparison Screen.
  • Fixed the Bug that prevented mPaceline from comparing HR graphs when one ride had data in Health Kit and the other was downloaded from Peloton.
  • Fixed the download bug where ride metrics showed up as zero

Version 2.5 brings some great enhancements to mPaceline. These include:

  • Continuing our theme of adding optional paid features, we’ve added two more for you. First – you can now attach Power and Cadence meters via Bluetooth to mPaceline to measure metrics real time. These are great for App Riders or those that want to use mPaceline on an outdoor bike. Second – for those of you with an Apple Watch, but don’t want to use it during the ride, you can now add the feature to have your Peloton rides added to Apple Health. This updates your workouts in the Activity App as well as gives you credit towards filling your rings.
  • FTP Rides will now automatically be added to your profile. No more manually adding these.
  • You can now just specify a date when applying a custom ride filter. A time is no longer required.
  • FTP graph comparisons now include Cadence and Resistance.
  • Sharing rides now have an option of removing the zone labels on the graph.
  • We added durations (5, 15 and 75 minutes) to several of the results graphs and other areas throughout the App.
  • If you change your Peloton Rider Name and forget to change it in mPaceline, the login error message will help you better troubleshoot.
  • We also corrected a few bugs.

Fixed the JSON bug when attempting to download ride graphs

Fixed a couple of bugs

  • Added Ride Filtering on the Ride List. Filter by ‘All’, ‘New’, ‘Favorites’ and ‘Custom Search’. Go to the Rides List and tap on “All Rides” to change the filter.
  • Added the ability to tag a ride as a ‘Favorite’.
  • You can now customize your HR Zones by percentage and by BPM. This allows a little more control to those individuals that don’t fit the typical HR Zones.
  • Added a couple “Optional Paid Features” to mPaceline. These are not meant for all users of mPaceline.

1) Ride Schedule – you can now see the Peloton Live Ride Schedule in mPaceline. You can tag rides you wish to take and you will get notifications when the ride approaches.

2) Download Ride Data – you can download your complete list of rides as well as specific ride data.

Thanks for your continued support of mPaceline…

  • Added Heart Rate Recovery – When you complete a ride using the mPaceline App you will be promoted to do a 2 minute HR recovery. Recoveries can be charted over time to demonstrate improvements.
  • Added Advanced Training Metrics covering Training Stress, Training Power and Training Intensity.
  • Added option to remove graph spikes on output graph.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented miles from being downloaded from Peloton.

  • All new Community Leaderboard – see how you rank with other Riders
  • Are you a PR chaser, see the new PR Explorer in the Results section
  • When you repeat rides, you can now view Ride Comparison graphs
  • Renamed Power Zones to better match what Matt references on rides
  • Added the date the ride was “Live” to the rides list
  • UI Improvements to better support the iPhone X
  • Fixed a few annoying bugs…

  • Fixed a few minor bugs introduced in v2.0
  • Added change and reset password to mPaceline cloud
  • Added a “refresh ride” option to re-download rides that are missing Peloton data
  • Added the ability to edit the start date of a training plan
  • Added an option to “share” a ride to the clipboard

Version 2.0 brings training to mPaceline. Choose from customized training programs and track your progress as you proceed.