A simple to use traffic monitor that keeps an eye on bandwidth utilization to help you stay within your provider's usage caps. Sits quietly in your Menu Bar recording bandwidth until you need it.
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About mTrafficStats

Automatically logs all network activity across Wi-Fi and Ethernet interfaces. Program runs silently in the background until you decide that you’d like to see how much bandwidth you are consuming. A simple click on the mac status bar brings up the detail panel.

Logs bandwidth usage by day and saves the data so that you can view your usage over time. Monthly and daily charts represent this data graphically.

Works well for mobile users that frequently use a mobile broadband card or other adapter that has provider specified limits. Enter the day you billing cycle starts and the your monthly quota allotment and mTrafficStats will keep track of your monthly usage and give you a quick graphic that represents how you are doing. Easily see if you are on track or running over at any given point in the month.

Usage Quotas

Set Usage Quota so that you know where you are within the monthly bandwidth that you have available to you.

Status Bar Text

Choose from a number of real-time indicators in the status bar. View current bandwidth, percentage of quota achievement, etc...

Usage Graphs

View real time usage graphs so you can have a picture of your bandwidth consumption. View daily and monthly data.

See our Getting Started Guide for more information on mTrafficStats

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