If you own a Peloton Bike, Tread or you use Peloton Digital on your own equipment, you need this App!
About mPaceline
mPaceline is a cycling and running workout App designed to help you visualize your results over time. The App works best if your focus is on taking spinning or running classes that provide metrics on your class performance. It’s primarily focused on individuals that own a Peloton Bike, Tread or a 3rd party equipment owners that utilize the Peloton App. However, if you have Power or Cadence meters on an outdoor bike, mPaceline will work equally well.
Live Stats

See live Heart Rate and Power metrics as you ride. mPaceline can connect to a number of Bluetooth Peripherals to show you live data.

Visualize Your Results

The power of mPaceline is that it helps you demonstrate that your ride performance is improving. View a number of charts and graphs to show that you are getting stronger.

Connect with Peloton

mPaceline is a great Peloton Companion! When your ride is complete, mPaceline will pull additional stats and data from Peloton to give you a complete picture of your ride performance.

mPaceline Features & Benefits
Our users agree that mPaceline can be a great compliment to your Peloton Training. It is a huge motivator and can demonstrate with a few graphs that your ride performance is improving. Not matter your training style, cycling ability or age, mPaceline can help you.
Multiple Training Modes Supported

Built in support for both Heart Rate and Power Zone Training. No matter your training style, mPaceline has you covered with real time stats and post ride analysis.

Easy to Customize

mPaceline Settings allow you to setup the App based on your preferences. Setup your HR and Power Zones, build your user profile and connect to Peloton to download your ride data.

Built by Riders for Riders

We are not just the developers, we are members of the Peloton Community. We built mPaceline to track our own rides and demonstrate improvements. Let us know what you think.

Simple, Clean & Elegant

mPaceline is easy to use and visually appealing. You'll be up and running quickly. It's packed with help throughout the app. Email if you have any questions.

Sample mPaceline Screens
Additional Features
mPaceline is packed with great features. A few highlights include...
  • mPaceline has a companion Apple Watch App. Install it on your watch to track and monitor rides real time.
  • Curious about how you compare to a ride that you just repeated. Use the compare ride feature to overlay the output graphs from multiple rides on a single chart.
  • You're an Android user and don't have an iPhone, mPaceline works equally well on an iPad
  • Want to get credit for a ride in Apple's Activity App. mPaceline will create workouts for your when your ride is complete.
  • Are closing your Activity Rings important? mPaceline can handle this as well.
  • Proud of something you accomplished on a ride. Share your results with the community and your friends
  • And there is so much more...
Training and Support
If you are new to mPaceline or are just interested in how it works, please take some time to review the training and frequently asked questions that we have put together. You may glean some good insights on the best ways to setup and utilize mPaceline.
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mPaceline is Free To Try
Download on the iOS App Store. Only purchase if you are pleased.
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New Feature Alerts
New Features added in recent updates
Class Structure

Viewing class structures before you take a workout will give you an idea of the intensity, structure and cadence and resistance objectives. This can be great for deciding if this particular class is right for your individual training needs.

Home Screen Panels

Version 3.0 introduces new customizable Home Screen Panels. You can add and delete the panels that appear on the Home Screen. These panels are meant to give you quick view into key information as well as offer encouragement and motivation for your to continue your exercise program.

Peak Power Features

Peak power is the highest average power output captured during a specific duration interval. Peak power helps you understand the average wattage you are capable of sustaining, giving your fitness and capabilities at various durations. This is a great metric to demonstrate you are getting stronger.

Crowdsourcing Community Workouts

Ever wanted to learn about the structure of a workout before taking it? Are you interested in what others in the community have to say about a particular workout? This feature brings combines community recommendations and workout structure searching to mPaceline.

Accountability Partners

Add and communicate with Accountability Partners. Keep an eye on each other's training and offer motivational messages.

Community Challenges

Create and participate in Community Challenges. Compete on teams to achieve the challenge objective.

Group & Community Training

Participate in Group and Community Training. You can now create your own training plans and share with the community.